Spiny Oyster and Sterling Silver Earrings

Spiny Oyster and Sterling Silver Earrings


Gorgeous deep red Spiny Oyster and sterling silver earrings. Brushed and oxidized silver.

The material called, “Spiny Oyster,” used by artists to make inlays in fine jewelry, comes from the shell of the bivalve mollusk, Spondylus varius. The genus’ scientific name, “Spondylus,” means “spines on its back.” Aside from its scientific name, it’s also known as Thorny Oyster, Spiny Oyster, Spondylus, and Spondylid. The bivalve mollusks include the clams, oysters, cockles, mussels, and scallops and include both saltwater and freshwater species. Like many other bivalve mollusks, the soft, meaty interior of Spondylus is edible, so the Spiny Oyster’s valued for its hard, outer shell as well as its interior meat. Despite its name, the Spiny Oyster’s much more closely related to the scallop than to the true oyster

Rugged, adventure inspired designs for free-spirited mountain folk. Most elements used in my work are naturally and locally collected or sourced. Elk and deer antlers are collected seasonally after they are shed to make way for new growth. I also gather fallen wood only (manzanita, juniper/cedar, black walnut, and mesquite.) All my Turquoise is sourced from the Cheyenne mine in Nevada (a small mine owned by a friend.) I am mindful to source all other stones from the US when possible. I collect the pipestone (by hand) in small quantities from a wild and special (local) spot near one of my favorite climbing areas. I purchase my sterling silver from southern Arizona from a reputable recycled silver source. River/sea stones and glass are collected on adventures, or purchased from small US family businesses.

These one-of-a-kind Mountain Found Treasures are sturdy; however, please be gentle with them: they are made with natural components. Do not wear them to swim the English Channel, mud wrestle with your bestie, or squeeze into a badger den. But go ahead, ride your favorite painted pony across the plains, dance with coyotes in the desert, climb your favorite tree, or run that mountain trail!

Be Brave. Be Kind. Love a Wild Place.


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