Kingman (Arizona) Turquoise and 100% Recycled Sterling Silver Cuff

Kingman (Arizona) Turquoise and 100% Recycled Sterling Silver Cuff


This piece is from the 100% solar-powered, wild-crafted, van-built collection!

Gorgeous Unique spotted piece of Kingman (Arizona) Turquoise and Sturdy 100% recycled sterling silver cuff bracelet. Brushed and oxidized silver. Cuff measures 6 inches with a 1 inch opening and is adjustable .

Rugged, adventure-inspired designs for free-spirited mountain folk.

Most elements/materials used in the crafting of my work are naturally and locally collected or sourced. Elk and deer antlers are collected seasonally after they are shed to make way for new growth (*no animals were killed for their antlers/vegan friendly.) I gather fallen wood only (manzanita, juniper/cedar, black walnut, and mesquite) from Yavapai County. All turquoise is sourced from Arizona mines (Kingman, Morenci, Sleeping Beauty) or the Cheyenne mine in Nevada (a small mine owned by a Prescott-based family.) I am mindful to source all other stones from the Southwest when possible. I collect the pipestone (by hand) in small quantities from a wild and special (local) spot near one of my favorite climbing areas. I purchase my (recycled only) sterling silver from southern Arizona from a reputable recycled silver source. All copper components are scrap received from construction sites around Arizona. .22 brass bullet shells are gleaned from dusty washes near Skull Valley, Arizona. River/sea stones and glass are collected on adventures, or purchased from small US family businesses. 

These one-of-a-kind Mountain Found treasures are sturdy; however, please be gentle with them: they are crafted with natural components. Do not wear them to swim the English Channel, mud wrestle with your bestie, or squeeze into a badger den. But go ahead, ride your fastest pony across the prairie, dance with coyotes in the desert, climb your favorite tree, or run that mountain trail!

Follow the adventure at the Mountain Found Blog where I share: 

-new designs 

-photographs from behind the scenes 

-rambling ideas and inspiration for a wild, adventurous, and authentic life

Thank you for your interest in Mountain Found Designs!

Be Brave. Be Kind. Love a Wild Place.


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