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Camping Equipment:

  • Sleeping Bags: I find the down bags by Sierra Designs to be fairly inexpensive for the quality. (They have changed their color schemes in the last couple years, and I find them pretty ugly, but I have been using the same Sierra Design sleeping bag for nearly 15 years!) In addition, Marmot’s Women’s Bags are very reasonable and great quality. Personally, I wouldn’t go budget on a sleeping bag. If you’re worried about moisture, get yourself a quality Outdoor Research Goretex bivvy. Anything by Outdoor Research is GREAT!

  • Sleeping Pad: I now use the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight. In the past, I’ve used everything from a Ridgerest (backpacking) to a Paco Pad (car camping or river trips.)

  • Tents: depending on your family size, you may need to make some changes to my recommendations. We’ve used a Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight for years. I also like the one person, free-standing Lynx by Alps. On rivers, we generally each have our own tent to fit our gear comfortably.

  • Stoves: Biolight! (for car camping- 2lbs), JetBoil (personal fav and only 13.9oz.) or for backpacking, a WhisperLite (under 16oz.)

  • Solar Stuff: GOAL ZERO! I have the Goal Zero Venture 30, and love it! I have charged my camera batteries, phone, and tablet while camping, on river trips, etc. When I am backpacking, snowshoeing, or going out for a photo shoot, I can attach the solar panel to the back of my pack. For extended time on the road I would get the Goal Zero Yeti 400 with the Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel.

  • Cooler: I use the Canyon Cooler because it is great, AND it is made in Arizona. But I really like Yeti products as well. Pick your size!

Photography Equipment:

  • Camera: I use the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. You may need more of a camera, but I don’t! I love this camera. I also use the Canon EOS M6. It’s a lightweight, mirrorless camera that I can take anywhere when weight matters (The 6D is heavy!)

  • Camera Battery Charger: I like this double battery charger that connects to the Goal Zero solar set up, or car charger for on-the-go/backcountry charging.

  • Remote/Timed Shooting: Because I spend a lot of time adventuring solo with my dogs, but still want a human in the scene, I did some research and found myself a remote that does it all! This remote (Neewer Remote Control NW-880/N3) works with many Canon cameras. Has delayed start, intervalometer, and continuous shoot. A game changer for the selfie.

  • Work in Progress. To be continued….

Outer Wear:

  • Wet Weather: I wear Outdoor Research gear. Aspire Jacket and Pants. For Snowshoeing, I wear the Cirque pants.

  • Dry/cold weather pants: Kuhl Frost micro-fleece/soft shell pants

Under Garments: