Wolf, Coyote, and Gratitude

Here are the boys:  Papa (Kona) and son (Moki.)
This summer we lost Kona to cancer.
He was 7 years old.
We buried him in the horse pasture between Walnut Creek and Apache Creek (not far from where he is standing in this photo.)
Kona was the best dog I have ever had, and I told him every day.  I really did... I actually called him "best-dog-I-ever-had"
Thank You Kona,
for the time we had together,
all the years you gave selflessly to our family,
all your chicken and child protection services.
Thank you for singing to us every single day (several times...)
when the roosters crowed.
I love you Wolf
and now..
it is just Moki.
And he is one of the purest souls-full-of-LOVE I have ever met.
He is walking in his dad's footsteps.
..stepped right up to being my best running partner, best family protector
and (a less needy) best-dog-ever-had.
I love you Coyote