Windmills in the Wild West

Okay I'll admit it:   another trespassing adventure. (All photographers do this don't they??)
I have an interest in windmills and how efficiently they work to bring water up to humans and other creatures (Pronghorn as the case was today.)  
So, I jumped the fence and it was worth it.
The dogs got a swim and I got a fresh drink of water.
I stuck my face right up to the pump shaft and took a drink.
This is the motor for (I guess) when the wind isn't blowing and the tanks need to be filled.
It looks like they hook it up to something else. (An old diesel generator?)
But today, the wind was blowing beautifully and water was pumping up from beneath the surface.
Water is a lovely sight here in the high desert.
Images were captured with my Pentax K10, 45mm, a 4+ macro filter, and my exquisite new (to me) vintage Argoflex seventy-five.
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~texture used on all images:  "Subtly Yours" by Kim Klassen~
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