Wandering with Wild Perfection

The photos (and a few words) will tell the story.  Old pictures; we don't use a halter AT ALL to trim anymore.  If she stays, I trim; if she leaves, I pick up later.  She always stays.
Chica needed a little trim.  The horses are barefoot and rarely need trimming; their lifestyle takes care of it.  
I love this girl.  Best horse I have ever had.  Pretty beat up by cowboys when I got her (she was three and already terrified of people.)
After the trim, we went to the creek for a drink and a snack.
Here is Chica surrounded by green, looking for a very specific green (apparently.)
Found it!  Wild sweet clover.
While cooling her feet.
Then down for a roll.  She almost rolled on top of me.
Joined by the wild girl herself:  Bunny
I give thanks everyday for these two friends and for the land we are able to keep them on:  80 acres surrounded on two sides by wilderness areas and the other two sides by ranches.  They live on Apache Creek which drains out of Apache Creek Wilderness.
The perfection and beauty of this wild land has given me one of the most precious gifts I will ever receive:  knowing that I am a part of it.
~and so are you~