Wandering Feet

Autumn has brought on a new kind of restless.  All I can focus on is grabbing camera, coffee and proper footwear and HEADING OUT!

Does this happen to you?

I mean, really, I have always hiked, run and wandered far and wide.  But this is different:  I have no desire to be in the studio, on the computer, keep up with business things, edit photos, do dishes, even write back to my friends (you know who you are.)

I just want to wander with my camera.

I have hundreds of photos to edit, print, and upload.  I have rolls of film waiting to be developed in the darkroom.  I have orders to fill and holiday sales to prepare for and what do I do?
I grab the water, the dog, the Stanley (coffee), the polaroid, the digital, the journal....
And I go.
Somebody please tell me I am not going off the deep end. You may say "well, winter is coming...you can sit by the fire and work then..."
I say "snowshoes and wool!"
I have literally hundreds of photos from these past couple months just waiting to be shared.
Rivers, Mountains, Mesas, Canyons, Creeks, Cabins.
There is work to be done out there.  My heart simply must be there.  My feet simply must move.
I am an insatiable, wandering set of legs.
Do enjoy your autumn, my sweet friends, wherever you are.
p.s. I found this message for you under my feet on this overlook rock
SO....off I go.