ttv (through the viewfinder) part one

through the viewfinder (ttv) is a really easy technique involving two cameras:  a digital camera and an antique TLR (twin lens reflex) camera.  essentially, you are composing the shot with the TLR and shooting with the digital.  
you will need to use a longish lens hood to keep light from entering the top of the viewfinder on the TLR.  I use a shipping tube cut to about 6-8".  paint it black (flat black spray paint) if you are getting light reflections or flares.  I attach the mailing tube to my stock lens hood with black duct tape.  

it also helps to have a macro lens attachment  (I use a cheap screw on one.)  try out different strengths; half the fun of ttv is working out the kinks and idiosyncasies.  what it will give you is a lovely dreamy look.  blurry at the edges, slightly distorted with one sweet point of focus.

in the next post i will show how people are doing faux ttv in photoshop.  super easy, but not as cool looking (in my opinion.)