Too Much Goodness (never)

sometimes when I wait too long to post and a lot is going on, I become so overwhelmed with it all
 that I can't even start.  Just too much goodness! 
so I will start with this:  
I was featured over HERE today; this lady has a great space and has featured some really excellent artists.
I am still getting used to my new (old) schedule having my daughter out of school.  I am leaping in joy that she chose to "unschool" again.  However, it takes a little time readjusting the schedule and routine I finally got into after she decided to GO to school two years ago.  I am making less art to sell but making a more artful  life by nourishing her in hear learning and nurturing her growth into a young woman.
She amazes me everyday!  (she decided she wanted to learn French, so just started teaching herself and said after French she will learn Russian.) 
Go Kiva! 
I'll get into the swing of things, balance all of our needs and still get out roaming the mountains.
speaking of....
I found this lovely treasure while on the side of Maverick mnt. (juvenile javelina)
Also found a young buck killed by a mountain lion
And made these beauties (with local turquoise) to honor his remains 
Went rock climbing with my family here
And updated the SHOP with some new lovlies like this one
I hope you all are able to enjoy this amazing spring weather.  get out and move that body, breathe the fresh air and be grateful everyday for something.