This Mesa; This Creek

A warm day up on Juniper Mesa for a solo excursion.  I must free my legs and spirit here often.  This land is where I feel most at home:  this mesa and this creek I lived beside for so long.It's where my horses are. It's where I sleep best. It's where three of my best animal friends are buried. It's the land that taught my children for years and years. Where elk slept in the meadow. Where coyote ran off with chickens. Where I grew food and children. This land still nourishes me; bathes me; teaches me.


When I stand in the horse pasture and look north, I see Juniper Mesa Wilderness. When I turn 180 degrees I see Apache Creek Wilderness. Mountain, canyon, creek and mesa as far as the spirit and body can wander.

Where is your wild place? Where do you go where the only human-made noise is your own footsteps? Tell me about it; I want to know your wild story. ❥K.