Shy Boy

When I am communicating with horses, I watch their body language.  This young gelding was not afraid of me despite being half wild.  However, if you know horse language you know what he is doing here.  He is not looking at something else; he is just telling me the pressure I am putting on him is too great.  He was watching me very curiously and when I looked straight at him or advanced even an inch, he very clearly turned his head to the side.  When I backed up, or turned my face (and camera) away from him, he looked my way again.  He never walked away, or moved his whole body.  Now, if I had seen him turn his head (and didn't pay attention) but kept advancing, he would have left; I would have scared him.

He was sensitively letting me know he wasn't ready for our relationship to go any further.  Horses are incredible mentors.  They have very exaggerated body language and if we are open to the lesson, they will teach us.