Running Wild

I never intended to start running.  I began doing long-distance hikes and solo backpacking trips shortly after high school.  In college, after leading a 3-week backpacking “orientation” course, I ran my first and only trail race.  Six miles through Granite Mountain Wilderness.  I ran it in Tevas and won the women’s division.  Throughout college, I biked a little, walked/hiked a lot, and ran every now and then.  The exhilaration is what hooked me.  The times I ran were few and far between, but powerful.  I have run in moccasins, Tevas, Chacos, flip-flops and bare feet.  I ran when the feeling arose and walked again when I got out of breath.  I never ran on roads; only trails; only wild; always alone.

Late in 2009, I made some major dietary changes.  I took gluten, dairy and eggs out of my diet with profound results.  I felt better than I had in...well, ever!  I had always enjoyed what I though was excellent health with only a few minor annoyances I attributed to age.  After removing the above mentioned foods from my diet, I felt like I could do anything.  My head was clearer; I felt more organized, less emotionally driven, stronger in all ways; I felt alive and AWAKE.  I felt like running.

It came over me like a rogue wave.  I wanted to run and I wanted to do it every day.

I started running just after the Winter Solstice 2009, one and one-half months after going gluten free. Kevin had been reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (a great read!) He gave it to me and I devoured it.  I felt so affirmed. Yes! That was why I always felt so alive and “right on” during and after running.  I am meant to run.

Everything feels better when I run, my body, my mind, my spiritual connection to everything.  So it began...

I run every day  I can, sometimes 2 times a week, sometimes 5.  I usually cover between 20 and 30 miles a week.  My immediate goal is to do (at least) two 10 mile runs a week with two or three shorter runs in between.  I change my routes often, but they are always in the mountains, on the mesas, in the canyons, along creeks and through meadows.  I run out my door and keep going; Just me, the dogs and the eyes of the wild ones.