running, exploring and new shop update

➳ I've just uploaded the new elk antler pendants with a larger turquoise piece. 
I still have the originals in the shop, as well as wild and lovely earrings.  
I will be adding more treasures soon.
The temps were in the 60's the last couple of weeks so I was getting out as much as I could:  hiking, walking and running up on mt. tritle, in hassayampa river valley, in the apache creek and juniper mesa wilderness areas.  These excursions refresh my spirit and body and allow me time to take photos (you should try running with a vintage TLR Mamiya over your shoulder.  I usually go out for 2 - 3 hours; or 3 - 5 miles depending on what I am doing and when I have to get back to work.  (Though I like to think when I am out running and capturing images and collecting antlers I am working.  
p.s.  check out these; Amazing.