We are still here, on the land. I am doing all the things I love to do (growing children, growing food, playing with horses, walking the wild and rugged places, making art) In a place I love to be, with the people I love to be around.

The days are cold now, sunny, dry, windy and cold. The ponies are fuzzy and frisky. The children don’t get out as much as I’d like and life just zooms on. We are all growing; some growing up, others growing old. Just turned 43. My long brown hair is streaked here and there with silver hairs. This doesn’t bother me, but the harsh, dry air and high desert sun is really working me over, and gravity is having its way with me.

I have always found New Year’s resolutions to be a bizarre idea. What makes a new calendar year any different than how I have already been living? Why is that day the day to make changes? All the changes I’d like to make in my life are ones I have been trying to make anyway. Every day: more GRATITUDE, more PATIENCE, more joy, always, always: more KINDNESS to others and self, SIMPLIFY, GIVE more, breathe more deeply, LISTEN to the wild, speak out for someone (something) that needs it, SLOW down with family, thoughts, horses, expectations, plant a tree (or ten) LOVE FREELY.