Pony Girl Love

We brought a friend to the horse pasture and sat drinking tea on the petroglyph rocks.  Here you can see the valley where Walnut Creek (coming off Juniper Mesa on the right) joins Apache Creek (coming out of Apache Creek Wilderness on the left.)  The horses have a wild and rugged eighty acres to share with elk, deer, coyote, javelina, ringtail, bobcat, mountain lion and various other beauties.)

This is my land.

I don't own it, but it is mine all the same.  My heart is here, with the horses and the creek and the mesa and all my wild friends:  feathered and furred; hoofed and clawed.


*Kiva (right) and Avery (left) above the horse pasture



*Ponygirl Love



*Avery getting some Bunny sweetness

My daughter, Kiva,  is now 13.  She has known this land for nearly ten years of her life. Her beloved Bunny has been here with us nearly as long.

In the Beginning kiva bunny web

*6 year old Kiva with her beloved Bunny