Needing Less

Gray morning at Walnut Creek. These mornings are rare around here. It is also quiet (no one up yet) which is also rare. We sat at the creek on a sandy bank on New Year’s Day. The sun shone warm on the sand and I wrote while Kevin slept, Kiva ran around with the dogs, and the boys carved. Town day yesterday, lots of errands. Going to town more than twice a week can really feel overwhelming. I do not like the feeling of being around so many people, stores, sounds, smells, ideas, fashion and media (things that try to change who I am, what I wear, how I smell, what I do, etc.) We bought a lot of “things” in town. We were proper American consumers: thank you notes, books, massage for Kevin, coffee, lunch out, pants, movie rental, wooden crates, rubber stamps and ink...Yikes. I’m sure the list goes on. Out to blow that Christmas money. Not a good feeling, really. The good feelings are here on the land with my family and animals and wilderness. Few needs, daily chores, coyotes and ravens.