My Chica, Snow, and missing my home

The snow always makes me ever so grateful for a roof, a warm woodstove,

plenty of wood,

and large colorful jars of dry beans and rice.

When I lived at Walnut Creek, I was grateful for being "trapped" by the snowy/muddy roads.  We would just wander around for hours in the snow taking pictures and not seeing anyone.


My world has changed and I am not coping well.  My horses are 45 miles from me and I am living where I hear CARS all day.

Sure, I go out to Walnut Creek two or three times a week, but I am a visitor now; a tourist, not a native to the land as I was for the last six years.

And, I need a job.

What am I good for?  Gardening?  Yes.  Helping my kids be good learners at home (and now school?) Yes.  Running Solo in the Wilderness?  Yes.

Taking pictures?  Sometimes.

Writing?  Sometimes.

But these skills aren't buying grass-fed beef for my family, or putting gas in the car, or paying for my daughters violin lessons.

or maybe they can.