Horses for LIFE

"Now, we have to look at the world very simply. We’re in front of a world which is split, which is so threatening with all the conflict out there, and if we look for example at climate change, political situations, the hunger in the world, the misery in the world, the problem of water, of food, etc. it’s a disaster without any question. The disaster is becoming bigger and bigger and if we look very clearly at the world we see that even if we stop the pollution from all the cars right now, climate change will not stop anymore. This is what serious scientists are saying. So we are destroying the world. We are destroying the world!

This is in the same way is not to understand (as what we do with the horses). We know we are destroying the world. But we are going to continue, all of us. The point is that, as Nuno Oliveira put it, the way people treat horses is always, and always has been, a mirror of how people treat society, life, the world, themselves, etc. It always is a mirror because the horse is the symbol for exactly all these kinds of things.
Just as we are mistreating the world in a way which is illogical, because we are destroying the world, we are destroying the planet we are living on, so doing these things with horses is just running parallel to the system - I have to say it like this of controlling by human beings, the way we are treating the rain forests, for example, cutting down the rain forests in hectares every day. Why are we doing these things?"

-Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

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