forest peace

lots of pictures of my week.  
many changes around here, including the stomach flu (not me) and my lovely daughter choosing to home school again after 2 1/2 years in school. ☆ (for the whole article on our home schooling style, SEE HERE.) ☆  She learned at home (out at the creek and mesa cabin) until she was in the 5th grade, then decided to try school.  but after two and a half years, she missed the freedom of our lives together (not to mention a disrespectful teacher.)
I love having her accompany me on my adventures.
Kona the great having a walk with me.
Kona and I in grass canyon

the ever-faithful fatso

a new find. yay:  more pendants and earrings to honor the antlered ones.

destroying an old fence. Moki by my side.

mi Chica

following Bunny down to apache creek

snowing on mt. watkins/tritle while I hike on spruce mountain

miller creek nearing sunset

spruce mountain and Moki

Moki on garden grove trail near thumb butte

sweet Moki eating snow in the evening light in the sierra prieta
and if that wasn't enough, I have added two new card sets to the shop

a peaceful walk in the forest to all of you
xoxo K.