First Love

Rained yesterday and through the night.  House is so quiet right now.  The family is still asleep; dogs and cats are out or still sleeping.  Air is still, gray and beautiful.  Last night  I was thinking about my love for horses.  I was thinking of how of all the things in my life, they (horses) were my first love.  Before boys or books, before art, before climbing or writing and before my children.  Before all the other loves of my life, there were horses.  I don't remember a time as a little girl that I did not love horses.  It is not something a horse lover can explain.  Why horses?  It is not about riding.  Watching them is enough.  Relating to them, winning their love and affection, talking sweetly to them.  They are beautiful and powerful; their strength cannot be denied and when I am near, I feel stronger, and yet humbled at the same time.