fire on the mountain, porcupine quills, and brass bullet shells.

there is a wildfire here in the mountains.
it broke out about 3 hours ago.
the forest is burning near my beloved Granite Mountain.
in addition to that, my husband is a fire-fighter.
so, I have many reasons to fear these fires.
he may be gone for days, and my forest may burn.
and after reading one of my favorite BLOGS (where my friend wrote about her love for trees), 
I will just say that when I ask my daughter the question "do you know what I love?" she kind of rolls her eyes and says, "Trees."
I spend a lot of time with trees.  
and now some of my most loved ones are burning.  BIG.
on a lighter note:  
I find all sorts of things when I am out in the forests and canyons: 
some cool; some weird; some stinky.
found a porcupine on Mingus Mountain
find pockets full of brass .22 shells
deer legs
bones of all sorts
found a skunks tail (no sign of the rest of him)
an entire drip system for a garden (hmm, wonder what they were growing out there...)
nice cowboy boots
brand new Rayban sunglasses (still have them)
nice camping cup
a dry bag for canyoneering
and two days ago, husband found THIS for me while in an un-named canyon on the Mogollon Rim!  Yippee!
stay tuned for where this beauty ends up.
I have long wondered what to do with all the empty bullet shells I find while I am out wandering around the mountains and mesas.  Not any more.  
I made a test pair of earrings and wore them to the farmer's market last Saturday.
SO many compliments and sales, I just had to make some for the shop.
Also HUGE shop update and more to come.
check out these babes. Ugly, but SO cute.
a hike with an unexpected surprise
Take care,  sweet june bugs.