Canon, Nikon, or ?

It may be time to buy a new camera.  I have been taking photos with my Pentax K10 since 2006; I like what it does, so why change?  I feel a bit of pressure from all the photographers around me (all self-induced.)  They are using $3000 and $4000 cameras.  Mine cost just under $1000 for body and lens.  It is only 10mp.  Do I need more?

I do like the Canon.  But will it make me a better photographer; I don't think so.  My vision is my vision no matter what I shoot with, right?  Any suggestions?  I really don't have $3000 to spend on a new camera.  In fact, I really just love my Holga 120N ($25).  If you have any ideas or thoughts on YOUR favorite camera, please shoot them my way.  Nikon?  Canon?  Sony?

Walnut Creek Mint (for tonight's spring rolls.)

I would love to hear what you all are shooting with and see some of your work.  Provide links to your photos if you can; I'd love to see the work and know what camera made each photograph.  Thanks for all your comments and e-mails.