Apache creek owl feathers

in the far pasture I found owl feathers scatted all around the base of a tree.  my intuition tells me a local rancher shot it down.  there really aren't any other owl predators (especially a great horned.)  
around here the ranchers shoot coyotes and rattlesnakes for fun; what would keep them from shooting an owl sitting in a tree.  
I never found the body.  
perhaps a coyote came and got an easy meal.
here is a random shot of our outdoor warming circle.  great for cooking on and toasting marshmallows. also, sipping tea on a cold night.
the wolf and the coyote at Apache Creek
i saw this boulder today and decided i'd like to get to know it better.  
the granite around here is pretty wise and proud.
imagine what they have seen! 
and finally, a recent antler project.
see the story here.
xoxoxo kerry