An Unschooler Goes to School

Kiva has decided she would like to try school this coming year. This will be a huge change for my free and wild child. No more days of three hour trampoline sessions, drawing and reading leisurely for as long as she likes; no more long walks in creek beds with no where to go and nothing to do but collect juniper berries or dig the local clay.  She has always learned at home and from the world around her with plenty of unstructured time to explore.  She is such a busy and creative child, I feel school may get in the way of her "real" life-learning.  However, she is far more social than I am and I must honor this.  Unschooling and taking children seriously means, for me, to respect all their thoughts, ideas and decisions even if it is not what I want (as long as no one is being harmed.)  I don't really want her to go to school, but she wants to explore this option, so I will bring her.

Kiva has created an incredibly diverse life for herself; she has been playing the violin since 2006,  is actively involved in gymnastics (4 hours a week) and spends 3-4 hours a day drawing and writing stories.  She has animals (large and small) to tend to, belongs to a homeschool science club, an unschooling social group, and is writing a book.  Where will school fit in?