A New Way

A raven flies overhead as I step outside in the early a.m. to let out the chickens.  The woodpile smells of cedar and the air is moist, cool and sweet.  Forecast is rain and I say “bring it on.”

* * * * *
Yesterday I worked in the round pen with the horses.  Chica is still fearful of many things, so I try to work with her every day I can.  I’ve had her here at Walnut Creek for two months.  The “breaking” of her (before I got her) really harmed her spirit.    She doesn’t  NEED to be ridden or trained.  Horses don’t need that.  They need companionship (a herd), space to roam, food and water.  Essentially, everything else we think they need is OUR need.  So, I understand that for ME to get what I want from Chica ( a true relationship), I must be consistent with her.  I also know I am going to have to walk a brand new path with her.  It will become my path forever.  I cannot be with this fragile filly the way I have been with any other horse.  I cannot force her; I cannot overpower her; she is different.  I sense that she is going to teach me a new way.