Wild-Crafted and Solar-Powered

Wild-Crafted Solar-Powered.png

After flying to Oregon to pick up the new van, I zipped off into the forest for a wild and windy week of creating and sleeping in the mobile studio! I quickly realized that I didn’t need nearly as many tools as I thought I might. ( I was able to fit EVERYTHING I needed in a couple tubs and a wooden crate.) I decided on the butane torch (as opposed to my acetylene torch) which is super lightweight and small. Designing and creating in the wild with no electricity is simple! The van is not set up with it’s own solar yet, and it will be the end of November before it is set to charge the extra battery off the running engine ( with isolator and inverter.) So, when I needed to power the tumbler, or heat up the pickle pot, I either drove a mile to my friend’s solar homestead, or did without. This latest batch of treasures comes straight out of the forest between Apache Creek Wilderness, and Juniper Mesa Wilderness! Nights were down into the 30’s and days were in the 70’s. Perfect weather as far as I’m concerned. I ran with the dogs, drank coffee, meditated, read, journaled, slept 10 hours a night(!), ate simple food, and most importantly I worked and worked my butt off to bring you Mountain Found’s first 100% off-grid, mountain-inspired, wild-crafted, and solar-powered collection. I hope you enjoy!

All the new items were uploaded into the online SHOP this morning. I will continue to offer 100% van-built treasures as they happen. Get out there and enjoy life: whatever that means to you!

Stay Wild My Friends!


p.s. For my fellow Silversmiths: I will be adding my simple (pared down) mobile tool and material list in the gear, tools, and resources page linked at the bottom of the site. It may take a while, but I’ll get it there.