Okay, I know; It is past due.  However, I have been out doing some of this...
And making more of these...
I have been doing a lot of this....
I haven't forgotten about the Giveaway.
Last year, I used the low-tech (names in a bowl) technique.
This year, I used an online random number selector.
I wrote down and numbered all the names of the entrees from the blog, facebook, tumblr, etc.
I ran the number selector....
and it picked #1
And the Winner is Julie from the blog Sage and Spirit
Yay! Julie you should see a care package from me in the next couple weeks.  Congratulations and enjoy a neatly wrapped hug from the Arizona mountains.
Thanks to everyone who entered. I will do this again next year and maybe sooner (wink, wink.)
Off to the studio, my sweet friends.